Liquid Rubber Waterproofing 

Topps 100 % Liquid Waterproofing Systems

Protect and extend the life of your roof with a roof maintenance system.

Don’t replace your roof.. Restore it with one of our all-in-one Topps maintenance systems. Why replace 100% of your roof when only 10% is the problem? Roof replacement is disruptive, costly and often completely unnecessary.

The Topps restoration and maintenance system is non-invasive, economical, adds years to the life of your existing roof and typically saves ½ to 2/3 the cost of premature replacement.

Topps commercial roofing systems blanket your commercial roof with a seamless, cold-applied rubber membrane that confirms to all surfaces, sealing out the damaging effects of weather & environmental corrosives.

They are light-weight, sound deadening, energy efficient and, best if all, there’s NO downtime during application.

Interested in a Low-Cost Metal Roof Cooling and Protection System?

Check out all of our systems below:

Low cost metal roof cooling and protection

Basic Coating for Metal

  • Design for minimal-need, low-cost applications for cooling and basic protection for metal roofs that have a stable substrate, are free of moisture, ponding and have a minimum of 1/4 “ per foot slope with cooling and UV protection benefits.
  • Basic coating protection with our ENERGY STAR certified Topps Seal provides all of the basic cooling and UV protection benefits.
  • Use Topps repair and reinforcement compounds selectively as needed.

Fast, Economical, and resilient solutions for roof leaks.

When dealing with a leaky commercial roof, finding the right product that can be applied quickly is imperative to preventing long-term damage to your building and equipment. Waiting too long will cost you more, as uncontrolled moisture can damage your roof to the point where a full and costly replacement is necessary.

Not sure where to start? Check out our repair sealant compounds below to see how we stack up: 

Multi-repair compound


An all rubber, universal roof repair cement used for flashings, seams, pitch pans, cracks, splits and making various repairs on all roof types.


  • Long-Lasting, water-tight, 100% rubber seal.
  • Easily incorporates PolyCore reinforcement polyester, when needed, for extra strength.
  • Voted the number 1 repair compound among roofing professionals
  • Also available in EPDM/PVC grade for relevant commercial roof types.

Save energy with Topps white roof coatings

Often, building managers and roofing contractors decided to turn to roof coatings in order to repair, or prevent a problem. However, coating your roof doesn’t only prolong its life. It actually makes your roof a better, more energy-efficient part of your building. White roof coatings can have a substantial impact on the temperature of your building, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

The use of time-tested and climate-proven products like our Topps Seal white roofing coating, ENERGY STAR certified product, dramatically drops the heat island effect of your roof and can result I significant energy saving on cooling bills long into the future. On hot, sunny summer days, the sun can heat up dry, exposed urban surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, to temperature 50-90 F (27-50 C) hotter than the air

Not sure where to start? Check out our repair sealant compounds below to see how we stack up:

The Ultimate Protective Roof Coating


  • Topps Seal is the flagship of the Topps protective roof maintenance coating line, utilizing the Topps’ exclusive formulated 100% synthetic thermoplastic technology.
  • The combination of highly elongation and superior strength allow Topps Seal to withstand challenging thermal changes and inclement weather.
  • The seal also provides excellent weathering with extreme resistance to moisture and transmission
  • This coating, in white, meets or exceeds all Federal ENERGY STAR specs for proven ability to drive down cooling costs at times of extreme heat. Tolerates all climates and temperatures of -40 to 140 F.

We also offer the following services:


Gutter Clean Services

Domestic and commercial gutters:

- cleaning of all gutters done by our Gutter Clean Company
- replacement & waterproofing of gutters 
- domestic gutter replacement can be arranged

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