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We focus on small to medium sized projects.

All of our work is supervised especially when working inside homes and office areas. We use quality products and try and finish our projects within the time frame provided. We have trained staff that know how important quality work is to our clients.

We use various products and offer a labour only service as well. Surfaces must be prepared correctly before painting is applied.  Small or bigger cracks must be fixed with the right material and expertees. We use  a higly durebale coating of superior quality for exterior walls.

It provides a flexible, weather resistant coating with a smooth, easy washable sheen finish. The paint guarantee is 10–12 years under normal wear & tear conditions. For interior wall areas, we use a premium quality, low sheen, pure acrylic decorative paint that is durable and washable.

The paint guarantee is 8 – 10 years under normal wear & tear conditions. Here are a few popular colours:

Interior airless spray painting.

We use producsts that carry a Thales approval, safe for use in food producing factories and wineries. We use producsts that carry a Thales approval, safe for use in food producing factories and wineries.


A premium quality, pure acrylic roof paint is used. After the high pressure cleaning and treatment of the roof surface, we airless spray 2-3 coats onto the area leaving a smooth low-sheen finish.

The roof paint has a durability of 4 – 7 years depending on the color.

It is a lead-free product and non-flammable colours available in:

We mainly use Sabre’s eco friendly products. Spec sheet available on their website.
We also use Topps roof products:

Protect and extend the life of your roof with a roof maintenance system.

Don’t replace your roof.. Restore it with one of our all-in-one Topps maintenance systems.

Why replace 100% of your roof when only 10% is the problem? Roof replacement is disruptive, costly and often completely unnecessary. The Topps restoration and maintenance system is non-invasive, economical, adds years to the life of your existing roof and typically saves ½ to 2/3 the cost of premature replacement.

Topps commercial roofing systems blanket your commercial roof with a seamless, cold-applied rubber membrane that confirms to all surfaces, sealing out the damaging effects of weather and environmental corrosives. They are light-weight, sound deadening, energy efficient and, best if all, there’s NO downtime during application.

Interested in a Low-Cost Metal Roof Cooling and Protection System? Check out all of our systems below:

Low cost metal roof cooling and protection

Basic Coating for Metal

  • Design for minimal-need, low-cost applications for cooling and basic protection for metal roofs that have a stable substrate, are free of moisture, ponding and have a minimum of 1/4 “ per foot slope with cooling and UV protection benefits.
  • Basic coating protection with our ENERGY STAR certified Topps Seal provides all of the basic cooling and UV protection benefits.
  • Use Topps repair and reinforcement compounds selectively as needed.

We also offer the following services:


Gutter Clean Services

Domestic and commercial gutters:

- cleaning of all gutters done by our Gutter Clean Company
- replacement & waterproofing of gutters 
- domestic gutter replacement can be arranged

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